Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My experiences - Coral Workshop with Licia Farano

As many of you probably already know, I got the idea to dedicate my project the reconstruction or rather the rescue of the Maldivian coral reefs through several fascinating workshops lead by the marine biologist Licia Farano (University of Milan-Bococca, Italy). These workshops were extremely interesting, however, it was also quite shocking to see that so less people are actually interested in the world's most important ecosystem and its sustainment: the ocean.
That's the most important message, which I gained through these workshops: Everybody is able to do change something and to make his/her voice heard. I decided for myself to contribute to the sustainment of our ocean, our nature, our environment....and our world.
Not only I decided to open a donation account but I also actually did something myself. I have seen with own eyes, how we, the humans, destroy the corals bit by bit. The climate change, pollution as well as carelessness (stepping on the corals etc.), ultimately leads to their death which would have tremendous consequences on everybody's life. If we don't act now, not only the Maldives but also many other islands and, ultimately, cities like New York will disappear in a couple of years. This means that we will have far more refugees then we have right now. Nobody seems to think about our most important ecosystem this way.... without the ocean, without the reefs and its inhabitants, we, the humans won't be able to survive..... 
With all this knowledge, which isn't worth anything in the end, if we don't act, I decided to participate in these workshops. Together with Licia Farano, I collected broken, slowly bleaching corals, in order to reforest them. As you can easily see in the pictures below, we tied the corals to stones using coconut fiber strings. The fact that these strings are out of coconut fiber is extremely important to ensure complete decomposition and a tight connection with the stone. By doing this we gave the weakened corals the chance to gain more strength in order to grow and maybe even start a new fortified settlement, a colony.
I hope that I'll be able to ensure further actions like this with your donations. So PLEASE, think about it and decide for yourself, if you want to act or if you can live with seeing our ocean slowly dying and knowing, that you could have done something....






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