Sunday, 18 October 2015


"Your support is one of the most important investments you can make for the future of our ocean planet" (Project Aware)

Finally my dream of opening a donation account in order to support the reconstruction of the coral reef of Moofushi came true!

As mentioned earlier, the collected money will go to Mr. Kai Hoffmeister, General Manager of the Constance Moofushi resort, who will use this to finance other activities, including more marine biologists, in order to naturalize the coral reef. It would be possible to establish the nature and to strengthen it further so that Moofushi may develop into a integral nature reserve.

I would be extremely thankful if you would show your interest and social responsibility for this issue by donating to the account below.

Help defend the ocean, the most important ecosystem on the planet, by donating today.

Together we can make difference!

Reconstruction of the coral reefs of Moofushi 
Account holder: Bettina Otto - Strothoff International School (Head of Administration)
IBAN: DE44 5053 0000 0002 8888 15
BIC: GENODE51CRO (Cronbank AG, Dreieich)

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  1. The world - we need the seas and a healthy ecosystem. Please share this great project with friends and acquaintances ... share it on Google/Facebook and support the young environmental activist and commitment and thus her great project ... even the smallest donation can move big in the whole .

    Die Welt - wir brauchen die Meere und ein gesundes Ökosystem. Bitte teilt dieses tolle Projekt mit Freunden und Bekannten...teilt es auf Google/Facebook und Co. und unterstützt die junge Umweltaktivistin, Ihr Engagement und somit Ihr tolles Projekt...auch die kleinste Spende kann in der Gesamtheit großes bewegen