Monday, 27 July 2015

The Underwater Paradise

The crystal clear water of the Maldives hides an underwater paradise consisting of an unbelievable amount of colorful fishes and corals. While exploring this paradise through snorkeling or diving, it is as if dipping in in another world. This spezial, peaceful and quiet atmosphere has the ability to calm you down due to the fact that aside from your own breathing, you can not hear a sound. It is such a great place where you can relax, forget about the ‘real world’ and leave your worries behind on the shore. I love the fact that you can empty your mind and just let yourself be amazed if you open your sole and thoughts.

Again and again new creatures are found under water, repetitively surprising the observer by the variety the hidden world has to offer. There are large and small, very colorful, whimsical, elegant, edgy, lazy, terrifying, or just beautiful fishes. Then there is also a huge number of other sea creatures that we encounter throughout the day under water, such as corals which play an important role in this harmonious living together.

Unfortunately, the world's environment is partially handled very careless though. The concerns in this island paradise especially affect the underwater world, which accounts a large part of the beauty of this destination. Overfishing, shark finning, waste disposal and more, strain on the underwater world. Unfortunately, not even the government was able to solve these problems yet. By commitment to the protection of the underwater world, every single one of us is able to contribute to the underwater world's protection! 

"Your support is one of the most important investments you can make for the future of our ocean planet" (Project Aware)

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